CL1 - Stories: MathExcel: Calculus Among Friends



MathExcel: Calculus Among Friends
- by Mike Freeman

Quotes from MathExcel Students and Workshop Assistants
8 December 1992 (Names are followed by final grade in Calculus I.)

..I have gained many new friends through MathExcel. Friends that I can count on and friends I can work with. MathExcel is definitely more than math, it is more like a small community.--Brian Mulberry, B.

I enjoy watching the students' reactions when they solve a hard problem or when they understand a problem....MathExcel serves as a comfortable learning environment where students are friends willing to share what they know with others or don't mind asking about things they don't understand.--Stephanie Murphy, Undergraduate Assistant.

I really didn't like calculus at all in high school because I didn't understand why we did what we did. I dreaded college calculus. Now, thanks to MathExcel, I really understand calculus theory and I like calculus. I've even considered majoring in math! MathExcel has greatly improved my confidence and my ability in calculus.--Melissa Holder, A.

Although I had already taken a year of calculus in high school I took MathExcel and now my understanding is much deeper. In the beginning I was somewhat worried that I would be bored,...but now I am so glad I did because I now understand and can use the concepts.--Lori Strosnider, A.

...By helping others within my group, I realized that what I explained, they understood. That helped me to decide upon a math minor in the hopes that later in life I would have the possibility to teach others calculus.--Rebecca Snider, A.

...You are also on a personal basis with all of your classmates, which broadens your circle of friends. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to partake in the MathExcel program. It has enhanced my education as well as [helping me] make new friends.--Angie Adkins, B.

I feel that MathExcel has facilitated my ability to learn and comprehend the principles of calculus. I have made many new friends in MathExcel, who have helped me in my transition from high school to college.--Jeremy McKinney, B.

I see many friendships that have formed, which I think is almost as important as the math. Also, test scores have been for the most part incredible this year...I am glad to once again be part of the Program this year.--Jason Wilson, number one in Calculus I Fall '91 and winner of the yellow jersey1, Undergraduate Assistant.

I think the program has been very beneficial--both academically and personally. It has allowed me to learn more calculus than is covered in lecture. It has also allowed me to meet and become good friends with several people, many with the same goals as I.--Loretta Shelton, number one in Calculus I Fall '92 and winner of the yellow jersey, Undergraduate Assistant.

I feel that MathExcel has really helped me academically and socially. I have a clear understanding of calculus I and have made many new friends to show for it.--Ashley Broaddus, B, Undergraduate Assistant.

MathExcel is very helpful because it helps us to learn calculus more in depth. When test time rolls around the questions seem pretty easy compared to class work and you walk away feeling good because you knew what you were doing. Plus, it improves your chances of getting the Yellow Jersey.--Kevin Joe Fields, winner of a Yellow Jersey, A, Undergraduate Assistant.

MathExcel has helped me to understand the ideas behind the concepts of calculus...I have also met most of my new friends here at college in MathExcel class, because we must communicate in the groups and this communication results in friendship.--Bobby Hale, A, Undergraduate Assistant.

MathExcel has provided me with a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends...But most of all, it has taught me to think and problem solve better.--James Anderson, A.

...MathExcel is an excellent way to meet a diverse group of students who share the desire to succeed...I enjoy being able to help others. Moreover, the students teach me, too.--Ragan Watson, A, Undergraduate Assistant.

1. Right to wear the Tour de Math 113 yellow jersey is awarded to the student(s) in MA113 (Calculus I) with the current highest cumulative exam score, an idea we borrowed from the Tour de France bicycle race. This right passes to a new leader if standings change. At the end of the semester the jersey is awarded permanently to the overall leader.

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