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Mike Freeman

Mike Freeman

Michael B. Freeman received his Ph. D. in Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley and has held appointments at Brandeis University, Rice University, The University of Washington, and the University of Kentucky. At UK he is currently Professor of Mathematics and Arts & Sciences Distinguished Teacher. Until about nine years ago he had a conventional research/teaching career, with publications in several Complex Variables and Differential Geometry, including two in the Annals of Mathematics.

In Fall 1990 he was inspired by Uri Treisman, whose vision of calculus students working enjoyably together on challenging problems prompted him to adapt Treisman's model as MathExcel at Kentucky. Since 1994 he has been disseminating the MathExcel format to other departments at UK and to other institutions. He has mentored more than 22 adaptations of MathExcel in Mathematics from elementary algebra through calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology at 17 institutions in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Oregon (see "MathExcel Geneology"). He has been College Vice-President of the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics and a recipient of their MESA Award.

For other fun he likes travel and outdoor sports, particularly backpacking, diving, sailing, and sea kayaking.

To contact Mike Freeman, please visit his website at or email him at

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