Shahanna Mckinney-Baldon

WCER Special Assistant for Diversity and Inclusion

Shahanna McKinney-Baldon is a former classroom teacher who has held leadership roles in public school districts and community organizations, including serving as Advanced Academic Programs coordinator, Chief Diversity Officer, and Director of Family and Community Engagement in large public school districts. A graduate of the UW Madison School of Education, Shahanna is also a leader in equity education and advocacy work, and has led local and regional projects that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), including in faith community settings and in the role of and Director of Professional Learning for MSAN--a WCER consortium of 30 US public school districts working to end the effects of racism on their schools.

Since 2018, Shahanna has served as the WCER Special Assistant for Diversity and Inclusion. In this role, she convenes a DEI change team to identify and implement rapid-cycle WCER DEI improvements; works to facilitate and grow DEI work across the center through co-leading a WCER DEI learning community with the UW Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement; works with the WCER business office to create DEI professional learning opportunities across WCER projects and service units; facilitates a process for the WCER HR department to review and improve processes for recruitment, hiring, and onboarding, using a DEI lens; and advises WCER leadership and other colleagues on matters related to DEI at the center.

Additionally, Shahanna works with WEC on Evaluation Implementation and outreach and training for Fair Play.

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 890-4638
Office: Ed Sciences