Evaluation of the Chicago Community Trust Education Initiative

This evaluation effort involves a multi-methods study of the three primary areas of the Chicago Community Trust's Education Initiative: Literacy, Professional Development, and Alternative Schools. The research design is based on a nested case model. This model provides a within-initiative analysis of differing delivery models and goals, as well as a cross-initiative-area comparison of implementation strategies that are independent of content area.

The case studies rely on a combination of historical analysis of existing documents, survey data, and student outcome measures to judge the Initiative's impact on teacher practice and student learning.

The evaluation team (a) explores the institutional relationships formed by the various grantees and the relationships between differing constellations of actors and success; (b) examines the flow of knowledge between project partners as evidence of the construction of warrants (evidence for claims of effectiveness) for the work being done;and (c) looks for evidence of the exchange of knowledge between grantees (and their partners) and district officials. Claims of sustainability on the part of the grantees must be based on verifiable evidence and should convey what was necessary and sufficient to achieve the changes observed.

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Steven Kimball


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Completed on December 31, 2008

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