Journal Articles

Recent publications authored by WCER researchers include:

"From Testing to Teaching: Equity for Multilingual Learners in International Schools," Jon NordmeyerTeachers College Record, August 2023

"A Critical Examination of Language Ideologies and Policies in an International School in Colombia," Esther Bettney Heidt, Teachers College Record, August 2023

“Teacher Mindsets and Student Sense of Classroom Belonging,” Jaymes Pyne, Eric Grodsky, Katie Eklund, Pattie Schaefer, Elizabeth Vaade, The Journal of Early Adolescence, July 12, 2023

“A randomized controlled trial of an intervention to increase cultural diversity awareness of research mentors of undergraduate students,” Angela Byars-Winston, Jenna Griebel Rogers, Nancy Thayer-Hart, Sherilynn Black, Janet Branchaw, Christine Pfund, Science, May 24, 2023

“LGBTQ+-Inclusive Professional Development in Elementary Schools: Does It Matter to Schoolwide Discipline?” Mollie T. McQuillan, Erin K. Gill and Xue Gong, Journal of School Leadership, May 2023

“Universal tools activation in English language proficiency assessments: A comparison of Grades 1-12 English learners with and without disabilities,” Ahyoung Alicia Kim, Meltem Yumsek, Jason A. Kemp, Mark Chapman, and H. Gary Cook, Language Testing, February 2023

“‘Piling on the Stress’: Low-income Students’ Experiences in a Neoliberal Majoritarian University,” Matthew Wolfgram, Nancy Kendall, Anthropology & Education, March 2023

“LGBTQ+ Students’ Peer Victimization and Mental Health before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Erin Gill, Mollie McQuillan, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, September 2022

“Exploring Student Service Member/Veteran Social Support and Campus Belonging in University STEMM Fields,” Ross Benbow, You-Geon Lee, Journal of College Student Development, November-December 2022

“Autoethnographic engagement in participatory action research: Bearing witness to developmental transformations for college student activists,” MaiNeng Vang, Matthew Wolfgram, Bailey Smolarek, Lena Lee, Payeng Moua, Ariana Thao, Odyssey Xiong, Pa Kou Xiong, Ying Xiong, Lisa Yang, Action Research, December 2022

“Evaluation of a Culturally Responsive Mentorship Education Program for the Advisers of Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Program Graduate Students,” Christine Pfund, Fátima Sancheznieto, Angela Byars-Winston, Sonia Zárate, Sherilynn Black, Bruce Birren, Jenna Rogers, and David J. Asai, Life Sciences Education, July 2022

“Enhancing Research Mentors’ Cultural Awareness in STEM: A Mentor Training Intervention,” Sherilynn J. Black, Angela Byars-Winston, Ivan Cabrera, Christine Pfund, Understanding Interventions, May 2022

​“Dissecting Learning Tactics in MOOC Using Ordered Network Analysis,” Yizhou Fan, Yuanru Tan, Mladen Rakovic, Yeyu Wang, Zhiqiang Cai, David Williamson Shaffer, Dragan Gasevic, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, August 2022

“Evolution of Accreditation Feedback for Simulation Centers Over 8 Years Using Epistemic Network Analysis,” Vitaliy Popov, Andrew R. Ruis, James M. Cooke, Simulation in Healthcare, January 2022

“Team Cognition in Handoffs: Relating System Factors, Team Cognition Functions and Outcomes in Two Handoff Processes,” Abigail R. Wooldridge, Pascale Carayon, Peter Hoonakker, Bat-Zion Hose, David W. Shaffer, Tom Brazelton, Ben Eithun, Deborah Rusy, Joshua Ross, Jonathan Kohler, Michelle M. Kelly, Scott Springman, Ayse P. Gurses, Human Factors, June 2022

“Quantifying the Qualitative: Exploring Epistemic Network Analysis as a Method to Study Work System Interactions,” Dustin T. Weiler, Aloysius J. Lingg, Brendan R. Eagan, David W. Shaffer, Nicole E. Werner, Ergonomics, March 2022

“Stirring a Secret Sauce: A Literature Review on the Conditions and Effects of Authentic Learning,” Valentina Nachtigall, David Williamson Shaffer, Nikol Rummel, Educational Psychology Review, April 2022

“Contextualizing the Science of Reading Within Adult Education Programs: An Educator’s Transformation,” Shawn Anthony Robinson, The Reading League Journal, May/June 2022

“Towards Strengthening Links between Learning Analytics and Assessment: Challenges and Potentials of a Promising New Bond,” Dragan Gašević, Samuel Greiff, David Williamson Shaffer, Computers in Human Behavior, March 2022

“Team Culture of Community: Cultural Practices for Scientific Team Cohesion and Productivity,” Brian Burt, Blayne Stone, Taylor Perkin, Alexandra Polk, Carolina Ramirez, Joey Rosado, Small Group Research, June 2022