New Grants

David Williamson Shaffer (PI) was awarded $2 million from the National Science Foundation for the porject Local Environmental Modeling: A Toolkit for Incorporating Place-Based Learning into Virtual Internships - A Scalable, Informal STEM Learning Environment through August 2021. More.

Erica Halverson (PI) was awarded $1.1 million from the National Science Foundation for the project EI: Making + Mentoring: Integrating Computational Thinking into Informal 6-12 STEM Education, through July 2020. More.

David Gagnon (PI) was awarded $59,102 by the National Science Foundation for the project "Exploring the Universe from Antartica" through 2018.

David Shaffer (PI) was awarded $973,173 from the National Science Foundation for the project "ECR: Assessing Complex Collaborative STEM Learning at Scale with Epistemic Network Analysis" through 2022.

Ana Stephens (PI) received $27,297 from the University of Texas-Austin for the project "Identifying Effective Instructional Practices that Foster the Development of Algebraic Thinking in Elementary Schools" through 2021.

Eric Knuth (PI) received funding (TBA) from the Technical Education Research Center (TERC) for the project, “Project Leap: Extending a Grades 3-5 Early Algebra Learning Progression into Grades K-2,” through June 2018.

Nancy Kendall (PI) received $10,276 from Education International for the project, “Researching the ‘Partnership Schools for Liberia’ Pilot,” through July 2017.

Jed Richardson (PI) received $527,880 from Temple University for the project, “The Price of STEM Success: Explaining the Impact of Need-Based Financial Aid on STEM Student Behavior,” through August 2017.