Collaborative Research: Developing Methodological Foundations for Empirical Evaluations of Non-Experimental Methods in STEM Intervention Evaluations

This research will establish a coherent framework for the design, implementation, and analysis of within-study comparisons for evaluating non-experimental methods.

It will also establish an infrastructure for conducting an ongoing quantitative synthesis of results from within-study comparison designs.

This research study will develop the methodological foundations for using within-study comparison designs (WSCs) to evaluate non-experimental methods in STEM evaluation settings.

In WSC designs, treatment effects from a non-experiment are compared to those produced by a randomized experiment that shares the same target population.

The purpose of a WSC is to determine whether the non-experiment can replicate results from an experimental benchmark, and the contexts and conditions under which these methods perform well in field settings.


Completed on August 31, 2019

Contact Information

Peter Steiner