WCER Fellows Program

Prospective Students


  1. Apply to UW 
  2. Visit: https://grad.wisc.edu/apply/
  3. Statement of interest – Indicate how you would benefit and how you would contribute to this program.


Why WCER fellows


As a WCER Fellow you will develop a comprehensive skillset that equips you with the ability to do independent research, you will be supported by a diverse community of both peers and faculty, and have access to leading professionals in various careers.  




WCER Fellow program provides a holistic research-based graduate socialization experience. We do this by cultivating social and professional support via peer and faculty mentoring, summer boot-camp, academic planning and a seminar series. These experiences provide exposure to successful role models, opportunities to develop professional skills, and create a sense of community among Fellows.


WCER Fellows Summer Bootcamp is a preparatory program to provide an orientation to the program and graduate student life.


The pro-seminar series provides training on professional development skills, opportunities to discuss research projects, and builds community among the Fellows.


WCER Fellows are eligible for 4-years of funding from the WCER Fellows Program, WCER, and ED-GRS.


Diversified research experiences both faculty-guided and individual projects are immediately and consistently integrated throughout the program.


Individualized development plans (IDP) ensure that Fellows are provided the experiences and skills to be successful without increasing time to degree. 




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Active through February 28, 2099

Contact Information

Tricia S. Dusick