Teachers As Learners: Supporting Teachers' Pedagogical Reasoning and Collaborative Sensemaking about Discussions

We are a JSMF-funded project spread across four American universities. We are interested in understanding how teachers' thinking and sensemaking may support or constrain their learning to promote discussions in mathematics and literacy.

In partnership with local schools that serve communities with rich cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity, we co-designed a PD structure which we call Learning Labs. In each lab, teachers engage in cycles of professional inquiry focused on leading disciplinary discussions in mathematics and literacy. Teachers and teacher educators come together to co-plan lessons that they enact all together in one of their classrooms, at times ‘passing the chalk’ and at times pausing to discuss students’ ideas and instructional next steps. Each of these enactments is followed by a reflection in which teachers discuss the experience they just had in light of the team’s commitments.


Hala Ghousseini


James S. McDonnell Foundation

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Active through December 31, 2025

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Hala Ghousseini