Synthesizing and Carrying Forward What We've Learned, Preparing Future Leaders with a Focus on Diversity and Equity in STEM Education

This 5-year study follows the career trajectories of a group of emerging scholars whose work focuses on equity and diversity in mathematics education. These scholars are products of the NSF-funded Diversity in Mathematics Education Center for Learning and Teaching (DiME/CLT). The study is organized around two primary areas of interest: (a) the early career trajectories of the individual scholars and their professional experiences related to their commitment to scholarship in equity and diversity in mathematics education; and (b) the extent to which professional community is maintained among the scholars over time and the ways in which that community enables and supports collaborative and mentoring relationships. One of the major goals of the NSF CLT initiative has been to build, increase, and diversify leadership in STEM content areas (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). This country's evolving demographic landscape demands that current and newly recruited STEM leadership address equity and diversity in mathematics education. In response to both of these needs, a major goal of the DiME/CLT has been to prepare a new generation of education researchers who will focus on the mathematics education of diverse student populations.


Completed on September 30, 2008