Redesigning the Education Human Resource Management System and Related Teacher and Educator Labor Markets

If the education system is to make headway on its ambitious education reform goals, and particularly in its 100 largest districts (which enroll a quarter of the nation's students and serve the bulk of the nation's low income and minority children), it will need to revamp the system that trains, recruits, inducts, deploys, develops, evaluates, pays, and manages its strategic human assets: high quality teachers and school and district leaders. This project launches an ambitious and innovative effort to redesign the education Human Resource Management system and its related teacher and administrator labor markets. The first research strand will aim at focusing education policymakers on the importance of strategic human resource management for improving student learning. The second strand includes case studies that will function as evidence that reforms are possible and can be implemented successfully. The third strand includes partnerships to assist 3 to 5 districts with a high degree of readiness to improve their human resource management systems.


Completed on December 31, 2007

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Allan Odden