Formative Language Assessment Records for ELLs (FLARE) in Secondary School

This project is developing a system for the formative assessment of academic language and literacy for English language learners (ELLs) in the middle and high school grades. Formative Language Assessment Records for ELLs (FLARE) in Secondary School is providing an assessment system aligned to WIDA’s nationally recognized English language proficiency standards and ACT’s college readiness standards, thus equipping teachers with practical tools for keeping ELLs on track for academic success and post secondary opportunities.

The WIDA Consortium has partnered with the nation’s finest experts in second language education and applied linguistics to accomplish its objectives. Developing progressive language learning targets and exploring the connection between language learning targets and formative assessment components are the hallmark of the FLARE assessment model. FLARE is incorporating student progressive learning with formative evaluation of that learning process.

FLARE is pioneering a formative assessment model for ELLs using best practices. FLARE is not only developing valid and reliable formative measures of students’ progress in academic English language proficiency, but also supporting and expanding ELL and general education teachers’ capacity to evaluate and instruct their students. What is learned from this process will be critical to understanding how to improve the instruction, assessment, and learning of ELL students.


H Gary Cook


Cathlin Foy


Completed on September 30, 2013