Redesign of Employee Evaluations in MPS

A performance evaluation system can make its most significant contribution to performance management and to improving organizational performance when it is aligned with strategic goals. The Value Added Research Center is working with the Milwaukee Public Schools to redesign its employee evaluation systems to align with the District’s strategic plan.

This work is grounded on a research-based conceptual framework for the alignment of human resources management (HRM) programs to performance evaluation programs. The evaluation team also has extensive experience working with school districts on the ground to assess HRM alignment. This approach involves identifying and analyzing MPS's strategies for meeting the goals in its strategic plan, defining what key groups of employees need to do to carry out these strategies, defining key performance competencies for each group, developing a specification for the measurement and administrative characteristics that strategically-aligned evaluation systems should have, performing a gap analysis, and then developing recommendations for revision or replacement of existing evaluation systems.


Completed on October 30, 2010