Develop Instrumentation to Analyze Fidelity of Instruction for Students with Disabilities in Relation to Assessments and Standards

This project builds on SEC methodology and resources to focus on questions of Opportunities to Learn (OTL) for students with disabilities (SWD). Instrumentation includes the online SEC survey. The target population includes Grades 4-8 math/ELA teachers including special education teachers within those grade levels.

Research questions include:
1. What is the fidelity of the enacted curriculum (i.e. instruction in classrooms) for SWD in relation to current state standards and assessments (as well as Common Core)?
2. What are the unique implications for students participating in the Alternate Assessment (AASWD)?
3. How does the enacted curriculum for students with disabilities differ by type of instructional setting and class type, compared with general education students, and by school and teacher characteristics?
4. To what extent are student achievement scores in mathematics and ELA for SWD explained by instructional alignment to standards? What are the results with different assessment measures?


Completed on December 31, 2012