Atlanta Public Schools Value-Added Project

VARC is producing teacher and school-level value-added for Atlanta Public Schools (APS) in support of Atlanta's Effective Teacher in Every Classroom initiative. VARC is estimating value-added for teachers and schools in Grades 4-8 in math, English language arts, reading, social studies, and science. The estimates will include an overall effect and estimates with respect to prior achievement level for low-, medium- and high-performing students. The second year of the project will also include value-added estimates for high school end-of-course exams.

As part of this initiative, VARC is working with Battelle for Kids. Battelle for Kids works with APS to verify their student-teacher links, works on a communication plan for value-added, and is training district members on the use of value-added.

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Completed on June 30, 2016