ARRA Virtual Games for STEMM Faculty to Break the Bias Habit

The lack of gender and ethnic/racial diversity within academic leadership positions in science technology engineering mathematics and medicine (STEMM) is a matter which must be addressed. Research shows that the aggregate impact of implicit stereotype-based biases may constitute the greatest impediment to the full participation and advancement in STEMM of underrepresented minorities.

Additionally, organizational change depends on attitudinal and behavioral changes of members – in this case STEMM faculty.

We will develop and test a prototype of an interactive computer game to teach faculty to recognize and self-correct implicit stereotype-based biases. Our research questions are:

Can we design an interactive game which teaches about implicit stereotype-based biases and is also engaging and enjoyable?

Which components of this interactive game are necessary to elicit engagement from faculty members?

In what types of gaming environments will faculty members be most likely to engage?


Completed on August 31, 2013