Emily Cheng

Associate Researcher

Huiping "Emily" Cheng is an associate researcher in the Value-Added Researcher Center (VARC). She actively engages in the design and implementation of statistical analysis to evaluate impact of educational interventions in the partner school districts. Projects she has worked on include the quantitative research of the SAGE program, the evaluation of Supplemental Educational Services and the Accountability and Performance in Secondary Education project in the Milwaukee Public Schools. Ms. Cheng earned her master's degree in economics from the University of Virginia in 2005 and joined VARC in July 2007.

Contact Information

Phone: (608) 890-1248
Office: Ed Sciences

Completed Projects

An Integrated Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of the SAGE Program
Accountability and Performance in Secondary Education in the Milwaukee Public Schools
A Multisite Evaluation of the Implementation and Impact of Supplemental Educational Services
ARRA Evaluation of Programs and Services that Address Transitions To and From High School
GEAR UP Project