Laura Wright


Laura Wright has been working with ELs for approximately the last 20 years in a variety of capacities including classroom teaching, curriculum and assessment development, and research. Prior to joining WIDA, she worked at the Center for Applied Linguistics where she was a Senior Research Associate. Laura has worked on a variety of federally-funded projects including Project FAST Capacity, an NSF Noyce grant focused on developing an MAT program for pre-service science teachers, the ASSETS project, a USED Enhanced assessment grant to develop a computerized English language proficiency assessment, and ONPAR mathematics and ONPAR science, innovative content assessments for ELs. Laura holds a PhD in Linguistics from Georgetown University, specializing in sociolinguistics.

Contact Information
Office: Ed Sciences

Current Projects

Teaming Up for Equity in Science: Supporting NGSS Three-dimensional Learning and Achievement through Actionable Assessment

Completed Projects

Dynamic Interactive Formative Assessment Tasks and End-of-Unit Tests for Measuring Challenging Concepts and Skills of Diverse Middle School Students
Actionable Assessment: Scaffolding Students' Experience with Assessment Results