Nicole Bowman-Farrell

Associate Scientist

Nicole Bowman-Farrell (Lunaape/Mohican), Ph.D. is an Associate Scientist with the University of Wisconsin Madison's (UW) Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER). Dr. Bowman is a subject matter expert in culturally responsive research, policy, and evaluation through the WEC Center.  She is also an affiliate researcher for the Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) Center at the University of Illinois-Urbana.   Through these appointments, she provides state, national, and international leadership on creating educational and career pathways for new academics; builds capacity, infrastructure, and resource supports through strategic, business, and operational planning; and develops culturally responsive skills, knowledge, and competencies through training, technical assistance, and scholarship (publications/presentations).  

By working “with” people and not “on” them Dr. Bowman is known as a responsive and effective multi-jurisdictional, systems, and government subject matter expert where Tribal and non-Tribal agencies partner to improve outcomes, capacities, and competencies for more effective, responsive, and impactful programming. As an evaluator, trainer, and technical assistance provider Dr. Bowman has increased the skills, competencies, and capacities for many university, non-profit, and for profit academic organizations working with Indigenous and other underrepresented populations. She is expertly skilled at systems, complexity systems, policy and governance evaluations with public and Tribal governments and Nation-States (international). She has also worked on evaluation professional development, creation of competencies for credentialed evaluation programs, and continues to serve as a subject matter expert and though leader to industry leaders to exceed current standards so equity, diversity, justice, and inclusion are embedded in content, process, and development activities. 

Dr. Bowman's practical, passionate, and effective leadership attributes resonate and empower others at every level.  She serves as an elected or appointed member on scientific, education, evaluation, and economic boards on a local and international level.  She currently represents the American Evaluation Association (AEA) on the International Work Group in the EvalPartners' global initiative to connect evaluation efforts around the world.  She is also the co-chair for the Global Context of Indigenous Evaluation Task Force, working on a global strategic and action plan for working with Indigenous populations and the Tribal and non-Tribal governments to implement the task force initiatives and build an evidence base that aligns with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Dr. Bowman is an appointed member of the AEA Diversity, Engagement, and Leadership Task Force; the co-chair for AEA’s Indigenous People in Evaluation; a long-standing webinar and pre/in-conference AEA and CREA trainer; contributes regularly to the AEA 365 blog and  AEA journals as a reviewer and published author for the American Journal of Evaluation and the New Directions in Evaluation Journal; and was one of the founding board members of AEA’s official state affiliate in Wisconsin. 

Dr. Bowman was an academic fellow at UW and in 2015 received her PhD from the Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis Department.  Her multi-jurisdictional educational policy study was the first in the country to examine how Tribal and non-Tribal educational policy is developed and implemented as public and Tribal governments educate Indigenous students attending K-12 public schools. Her M.Ed. is from Lesley University in Caimbrige, MA and B.A. is from St. Norbert College in DePere WI.

Contact Information
Phone: (715) 851-2119
Office: 1186K Ed Sciences