Michael Beall


Over my career, I have led the design and development of educational games across a variety of domains including affective neuroscience, astrophysics, regenerative medicine, implicit bias, and environmental science. This experience provides me with a depth of knowledge related to game design as well as a breadth of knowledge of how various domains shape designed learning experiences. My fundamental belief is that impactful learning games are based on proven instructional methods, emerging research, and sound pedagogy.

As the Director of Gear Learning, my work focuses on building relationships with faculty and other stakeholders that lead to impactful game-based learning. Beyond creating games themselves, I also work closely with outreach organizations and community centers to engage with the local communities to learn through playing games, participate in playtests, and inform the design of future games through focus groups.

With nearly a decade of educational game design and development experience, I have honed my ability to work effectively with faculty, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders through an iterative approach to map gameplay mechanics to a variety of learning objectives. I enjoying work closely with stakeholders to provide a high level road map of the project from the initial concept defining game jam through testing and implementation.

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Office: 146 Ed Sciences

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