Esther Bettney Heidt

MLRC School Network Researcher

Since 2005, Esther has worked in the field of international education as a classroom teacher, school administrator, teacher educator and educational researcher, primarily based in Latin America. Esther holds a PhD from the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the UW—Madison (U.S.A.). For her dissertation, she engaged in collaborative research with teachers and students at an international school in Colombia as they reimagined and explored how their language programs, policies, and practices could better serve multilingual learners. Esther has a robust publication record, including articles in the Journal of Language, Identity and Education, Current Issues in Comparative Education and Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, as well as several book chapters. She has taught undergraduate and graduate-level education courses at the UW—Madison, Buffalo State University, and Queen’s University (Canada). Her work reflects her commitment to support, advocate for and engage in research that centers the experiences of multilingual students, their families and their schools.

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