UW–Madison’s Kim, Shaffer, Eagan Offer QE Masterclasses in Asia

August 1, 2023   |   By WCER Communications

From left, YJ Kim, David Williamson Shaffer, and Brendan Eagan

From left, YJ Kim, David Williamson Shaffer, and Brendan Eagan

David Williamson Shaffer, director of WCER’s Epistemic Analytics (EA) group, EA Associate Director for Partnerships and Community Engagement Brendan Eagan, and SoE Professor YJ Kim offered two QE Masterclass Series in Asia this year about the groundbreaking methodology developed by Shaffer and known as quantitative ethnography (QE). Kim uses QE in her own game-based learning and assessment research.

In a series of seven workshops and lectures across Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur in February, Kim, Shaffer and Eagan offered researchers hands-on opportunities to learn about the methods and potential applications of QE, which unifies statistical and qualitative research methods to help researchers better harness the power of “big data” in the study of complex and collaborative human activity.

In early June, Shaffer and Eagan presented another Masterclass Series for researchers in Japan.

The QE Masterclass Series is designed to help researchers in learning analytics, policy analysis, and the social sciences acquire the skills they need to participate in the fourth International Conference for Quantitative Ethnography (ICQE23) at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. This year’s conference will be in October.

Members of the EA group also attended the annual meeting of the “International Society of the Learning Sciences” in Montreal held June 10–15. On June 11 at the conference, Shaffer was one of 18 speakers presenting the full-day workshop, “Doing quantitative research in the learning sciences and CSCL – current developments and applications.”