Personalization in Practice (PIP)

This study will document how teachers, leaders and students experience personalized learning in Wisconsin schools. Researchers from the UW-Madison School of Education will partner with the Institute@CESA 1 to coordinate the study and to select the schools.

The goals of the study will be to a) capture the Institute@CESA 1 theory of action for personalized learning; b) document how personalized learning actually works a variety of schools; c) explore how students experience personalized learning and the role they play in organizing their learning activities; and d) understand how educators use technologies and pedagogies to orchestrate personalized learning.

The outcomes of the study will map what personalized learning looks like in practice, to develop a conceptual model of the variables involved in personalized learning, and to identify design principles to implement personalized learning at scale.

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Completed on November 30, 2016

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Alan Barnicle