Conjoint Behavioral Consultation for Middle School Students With or at Risk for Serious Emotional Disturbance: A Career Development and Research Plan

This research seeks to improve outcomes for adolescents with or at risk for serious emotional disturbance.

We are evaluating Conjoint Behavioral Consultation (CBC), a program designed to help middle school students with disruptive behaviors who are at risk for serious emotional disturbance. CBC brings together parents and educators to use evidence-based interventions to address children’s problem behaviors associated with serious emotional disturbance (ED).

In Phase 1 of this study CBC procedures and behavioral strategies are being developed and refined for middle school students with or at risk for serious ED. Focus groups are held with administrators, parents  and teachers. Students are interviewed to learn about their needs, Educators and researchers discover barriers and supports to program implementation, technical assistance needs and program sustainability.

CBC will be revised on the basis of participant feedback, current research and recommended procedures.

To test the usability of the revised CBC, three students, their parents and teachers will participate in CBC and then provide feedback. CBC will then be refined on the basis of the usability test.

In Phase 2 will involve evaluating the feasibility and promise of the modified CBC. Middle school students with disruptive behaviors who have ED or who are at risk, will participate, along with their parents and teachers. Data from focus groups and interviews, direct behavior ratings, and questionnaires will help researchers determine the feasibility and promise of CBC for improving students' behavioral, social, and academic outcomes.

Analyses will examine whether parent and teacher practices and parent-teacher relationships mediate the effect of CBC on student outcomes.



Completed on June 30, 2022

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Andy Garbacz